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Enjoy browsing our popular collection of affordable and budget-friendly house plans! When people build a home in this uncertain economy, they may be concerned about costs more than anything else.
They want to make sure that they can afford the monthly mortgage payment. With that in mind, we proudly present a nice selection of affordable, budget house plans with your wallet in mind.
Most of these affordable home designs have a modest square footage and just enough bedrooms for a small family. Costly extras are minimized with these affordable home plans, and the overall home designs are somewhat simple.
The homes' exterior styles are nicely varied and attractive. We hope you will find the perfect affordable floor plan that will help you save money as you build your new home.
  Choosing A House Style   Deciding on the perfect house plan can be a difficult task because the choices and options are endless. From the amount of square footage to the number of bedrooms to whether to include a … Continue reading

Sometimes the saying really is true: bigger is better. Families across the United States are finding that the benefits of 4 bedroom homes offer more flexibility by adding rooms, more amenities, and more value in a possible resale. Four bedroom … Continue reading

  Chic, elegant, and dripping with sophistication, French Country homes are artfully designed European style homes with architectural charm in both the interior and exterior. The name, French Country or French Rural, comes from the grand country homes along the … Continue reading

We’re all aware of 1-story and 2-story house plans but have you ever explored a 1.5 story home? This unique layout gives you options a 1-story home does not while also requiring a smaller investment than a 2-story house. One … Continue reading

Across the United States, three bedroom house plans are the most common choice for newly built homes. This popular layout gives families plenty of options while offering a practical flow to the home. Perfect for a small family, for a … Continue reading

  Once deemed as “California modern” for their explosion in popularity in Northern and Southern California post World War II, Mid-Century Modern home designs continue to surge in the hearts of Americans from California to New York and everywhere in … Continue reading

  The Modern Farmhouse style has been deemed as one of the top 3 most popular house styles for many years now. In line with Craftsman and Ranch style homes, Modern Farmhouse plans are being designed and built more now … Continue reading

  Remodeling your home is a daunting, expensive, and yet a highly rewarding task that has become an ever-popular topic of discussion. From the Farmhouse style of Chip and Joanne Gaines to the classic designs of the Property Brothers, renovations … Continue reading

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    The home building process is stressful for everyone. From the price tag to the ever-expanding To-Do list, there is a lot to worry about when building a home. Thankfully, there’s an app for that! Several apps in fact! … Continue reading

The right house plan can change everything! The perfect home for you and your family can mean something totally different to you than it would to your neighbor down the street. While they may want a large, lavish home, you … Continue reading

Whether you’re building your first, second, or retirement home, putting down roots on or near the shoreline offers a lifestyle that reflects a mindset rather than just simply a home style. The reason for your waterfront build could be for … Continue reading

  Who wouldn’t want a cozy theater room in their home? These unique rooms are used solely to view movies and TV shows on a big screen projector. There are tons of benefits to building a dedicated theater room but … Continue reading

Light the candles, plug in some aromatherapy, tell Alexa or Siri to play soft ocean sounds and just relax. No, not at your local spa, but in your very own bathroom. You might think you need to own a luxury-sized … Continue reading

 When building your dream home, some elements make the home more expensive to build than others. Determining which aspects are worth the price for you and which aren’t will help you choose the right house plan for you and your … Continue reading

Do you have any idea what a porte cochere is or where you might see one? Originally seen in large homes and public buildings in the late 18th and 19th century, porte cocheres is a French term meaning door carriage … Continue reading

Basements don’t have to be the scary, dark wastes of space that we know from the movies. If designed and used correctly, basements can create very useful living areas, perfect for entertaining guests, gathering together for family game nights, and … Continue reading

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You’ve been dreaming about a custom home for years. Now, you’re finally ready to build it on a piece of real estate that provides a level of privacy and autonomy you can’t find in your average subdivision. It’s hugely exciting and more than a little daunting. Building a quality custom home is a big project and obviously requires a substantial commitment both in terms of time and finances.

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Some companies would have you believe that if you’ve got a computer, a phone, a calendar, and some paper, you’ve got all the tools you need to be your own general contractor and build your dream home.

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The Internet is vast, but you don’t have to search very far to find scathing reviews from frustrated UBuildIt customers. And it’s not hard to understand why.

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For many, owning a dream home means building a custom house that meets every need, both aesthetic and practical. While a wide range of options can be wonderful, they usually translate to more money and more time.

landscaping home

I've written about this before, but there are two basic types of homebuilding contracts: cost plus and fixed price. I'm going to address a key exception in the fixed-price contract that you need to be aware of and understand before you sign it.

inspecting home

I recently heard a gentleman who was acting as his own builder say something that gave me pause. He said the company he hired to help him be his own builder told him the city or county building inspector is his quality control department.

thinking about future

Building a custom home is not for everyone. I know, a builder shouldn't say such things, right? But from a builder's perspective, there are certain clients whom we've learned should never have taken on the challenge of building a custom home. It was not the best investment of their valuable time and treasure, and it's important to realize that up front.

house and piggy bank

If you're buying a used car or used house or bidding at an auction, it's probably smart to keep your cards close to your vest and not reveal your budget. That's just good negotiating strategy when dealing with a transactional-style seller.

Sometimes smaller is better! Bigger doesn’t always equal better and if you are one of the millions of Americans searching for the perfect one bedroom house plan, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a smaller home and … Continue reading

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You found a house plan that looks great online. It has an attractive exterior and the right number and kind of rooms. The overall size is actually a bit smaller than what you had envisioned, so it should be well within your budget to build.

hidden costs

You have a house plan you've fallen in love with. You own your land. You're ready to find a builder and start building your dream home. Problem is, you've been to every reputable builder you can find, and every one of them has said the cost to build that home is outside your budget.

leaking faucet

When building a custom home on your land, it can be tempting to try to save money on things that seem like simple items or commodities. Some of those things are indeed commodities (like wall studs), but some are critical even if they seem simple or unimportant. 

light fixtures

Everybody wants to get the most house for their money. One of the best (and least utilized) techniques to do that is pretty simple, and that's probably why it gets overlooked.

cutting money in half

With overall inflation and changes in materials, the cost to build a home is always increasing. Two major cost components in a house are concrete and roofing materials such as shingles. 

truss framing

Which is the better way to frame a house—trusses or stick frame? Well, that depends. 

Mature couple meeting architect for construction project

There's a simple principle in homebuilding: All things being equal (location, finishes, features), a bigger house will have a lower cost per square foot than a smaller one. Why is that? The answer to that question will help you shop for the right house plan and the right builder, and maybe more importantly, help keep you from making a bad building decision.

Craftsman style homes emerged in the late 19th century and remain popular today among homebuilders looking for charming details, unique style, and an undeniably “homey” feel.   The Origins of the Craftsman House Plan   Created by William Morris, Craftsman … Continue reading

installing wood look floor

There are four basic factors involved in the cost to build a custom home: size, design, features, and operational efficiency. 

curb appeal

There are many elements to designing a house and many considerations that sometimes conflict with each other. Two things that often conflict are design and budget. But when it comes to how much it will cost to build a house, there's one technique that can balance the conflicting needs of cost and curb appeal (or how the house looks when viewed from the front). That technique is called the three sides rule.

budgeting for house

As we've said before, there are two primary parts to figuring out your budget for a custom home. First, think about a number, whether that's the overall amount or the monthly payment, and see if that number scares you. Second, figure out how much you can borrow from the bank for your custom home.

Discussing budget

You've been dreaming about your custom home for a while, and now you think it's time to take that leap and build a custom home on your land. But can you afford what's needed to make it all worth it?

couple talking

I'm certainly no marriage counselor, but I've built enough homes for enough married couples and families to know that the process of designing and building a custom home can be grueling, and it can put a strain on a relationship. It is absolutely critical that both parties fully understand the other's needs, wants, and—most importantly—expectations going in.

keys to new home

You're thinking of building a custom home on your land… so why on earth are we talking about a question to ask a real estate agent? The question to ask first might be, why would you even need a real estate agent in the first place? Well, aside from selling your existing home, there are a couple of reasons you might need the services of a really good agent.